First Aider

You have a legal duty to provide first-aider services in London if you’re hosting an event. With our help, you can minimise the risk of organising an occasion at a venue or site filled with thousands of people.


Thanks to enrolling in certified first aid courses, our agents can spot the signs of adverse health and safety issues before they arise. This means our operative will not only identify the emergency but provide essential aid to those in distress until the emergency services arrive.


Hiring qualified first aiders in London could be the difference between saving a person’s life.​

When taking on the role of a first aider, according to UK Law, event organisers must consider the following areas to ensure their processes are in line with health and safety regulations:


  • Consider the key risks
  • Sharing your plans
  • Develop an emergency plan
  • Emergency first aid procedures
  • Have clear emergency roles and responsibilities
  • Evacuation
  • Show stop
  • After the incident
  • Testing and validation


There is a lot for you to take care of, and the thought of missing an essential part of the legislation is incredibly stressful. Thankfully, our first-aider solutions are on hand to relieve some of the pressure by providing everything you need to schedule a safe and enjoyable event.

As well as responding to incidents right away, we also offer advice on any questions or queries you may have regarding your duties. With fifteen years of experience in delivering first aid, including up-to-date qualifications, we know what it takes to protect the public.

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